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At Striot, we help startups & professionals grow revenue and improve customer loyalty with world-class design.

Growing Rapidly
Developing a high priority design system helped us increase our project output over 120% already in 2021 as well as the hiring of more employees such as marketing specialists and designers.
Developed Fast Paced Design System
We developed a fast paced communication system as well as all in one design system allowing us to work on the same project simultaneously.
Expanding Across The United States
We hired three more employees, one designer, a developer, and a customer support specialist allowing us the opportunity to scale further.
First Employee
We hired our first support specialist to help monitor emails, outbound calls, and customer support.
Web Design Service Expansion
We launched our website design service which included an entire package from designing, developing, copywriting, and seo optimization.
Striot is Founded
Striot is founded in 2017, by Bryce Heyer in Pennsylvania.
First Customers
We acquired our first paying customers, setting the stage to grow by hiring employees, increase ad spend, and upgrading to better equipment.
About Us

What's the mission
behind Striot?

At Striot, we’re all about building a relationship with you. We work collaboratively alongside you to make your business and brand vision come alive. Your goals, coupled with our strategic expertise, results in a strong foundation that helps you become a digital lead-generating machine that delights audiences and converts customers every step of the way.

The values that hold us true and to account


Simple, yet exciting is what we strive for. We think keeping things simple is what makes our brand stand out.

Hard Work

We believe if you put in the work, you'll get the reward. This is foundation of our brand.


If you don't love what you're doing then what's the point? This is the philosophy for our entire team.


To keep ahead of the competition, innovation is key for our brand to stay atop of other agencies.

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